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Last paddle in the Honcho

Well, it will have been the last paddle if Sam brings the money next Wednesday! I've had the Dagger Honcho about four years and it's a good boat. Done a good few rivers in that time, with some good runs on the Dart, Tees, Wear, Derwent to name a few and plenty of river time at HPP. This boat surfs really well on the sea because it has a planing hull and quite hard rails. Not bad at all for a down river play boat, it even carves after a fashion. Nowhere near as good on ocean surf as the X-Ray, though. But then the X-Ray was made for it. I'll take some time over summer to make a descision on my next creeker, but so far it looks like the Liquid Logic Jefe. It just felt right. Joe & I did the loop tonight. The weir was working well and we spent some time playing on it after we shot it. Then we went into the sluice pool and spent some time surfing the standing waves on the centre chute. River was high because of recent heavy rain. Honcho is still in good nick fo…

Joe rolling...

He usually starts the session of with a few rolls. Says it's because he needn't bother too much about getting wet if he capsizes!

I taught him to roll in the river last year. He cracked it within two hours.


Email from Ailsa MacWhinnie, Editor of Black & White Photography magazine today. Wants to run a feature on my recent elevation to Fellowship. So does Terry Hope of DPP and David Kilpatrick of Digi Master Photog. Sent disk off to each, let's see what they write about me this time! This seems to have caused a bit of a stir in the pro world. Been told by the Professional Photography Qualifications Board that there has only ever been one other Associateship submission that has gone straight to Fellowship. Also been told that I have been nominated for the Peter Grugeon Award for the best panel submitted! Anyway, another visit to the Professional Photography Awards in October to pick up my gong. That's a shot of Cir Mor from my panel above. Had to wait 2 hours for the cloud to break, bloody freezing! Shot on Fuji GX617 with 90mm lens, RVP50 at f22. Maybe took 3 rolls of film once the light started working. This worked, the cloud broke just enough to allow a shaft of …


Decided to go for a paddle this evening. Just to see what the river was doing and also to have another go in Julie's Approach. I really like this boat, it's a total compromise that seems to carry itself off very well. It felt like an armchair the first time I paddled it, especially after the surf kayaks. It even makes the Honcho look small. But it is very comfortable, stable and predictable. It is also a lot more responsive that I thought it could be. It's actually a pleasure to paddle. The river was flowing quite fast and was high after all the recent rain, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try the Approach out properly. Dagger's blurb says that it is good up to G3, I think it would cope very well on large volume rivers, but at 10' in length, it's a bit long for anything tight and technical. I decided to paddle upstream because of the flow. I didn't want to go downstream in case I would not be able to paddle back against the current…

The beginning.....finally!

I've been meaning to get a blog started for a long time. I'm having problems with my left Achilles tendon at the moment, so I'm having to rest it and the weather is not too good today. Seems a good opportunity to start. I've posted this shot of the standing stones at Callanish to remind myself why I do what I do and why I enjoy it. If anyone is interested in technical details, this was taken on the Mamiya 7(11), 43mm lens f16 on RVP50. 4.00am July 31st 2004. I won UK Landscape & Travel Photographer of the Year 2004 at the British Professional Photography Awards with this shot (for the first time!).