Email from Ailsa MacWhinnie, Editor of Black & White Photography magazine today. Wants to run a feature on my recent elevation to Fellowship. So does Terry Hope of DPP and David Kilpatrick of Digi Master Photog. Sent disk off to each, let's see what they write about me this time! This seems to have caused a bit of a stir in the pro world. Been told by the Professional Photography Qualifications Board that there has only ever been one other Associateship submission that has gone straight to Fellowship. Also been told that I have been nominated for the Peter Grugeon Award for the best panel submitted! Anyway, another visit to the Professional Photography Awards in October to pick up my gong. That's a shot of Cir Mor from my panel above. Had to wait 2 hours for the cloud to break, bloody freezing! Shot on Fuji GX617 with 90mm lens, RVP50 at f22. Maybe took 3 rolls of film once the light started working. This worked, the cloud broke just enough to allow a shaft of light to hit the peak opposite.

Paddling again tonight. The rain has kept up, so the river should be even higher than it was on Monday evening. Best take the Honcho (even though I've sold it!), Joe will want to go for the weir whilst it's in spate. So...sold the Honcho, what do I go for as my next downhill boat? Maybe the Liquid Logic Jefe, (favourite) or the Wavesport Habitat (looks good, need to try it) , or a Pyranha M:3......hmmm. Tough choice. It won't be another Dagger this time, though. Need another dry cag, since Joe nicked it. We're down in Woolacombe for a week of surfing & kayaking in July, so I'll get another Chill Cheater. Good kit! Just need to get Pughey, Alick, Mike, Michael and Martin out of pipe and slippers mode and get over to Snowdonia and N. Pennines this winter. Must get those river trips back together again. Life's too short.....
Looking forwards to hearing how Morven & Brian got on at the Skye Sea Kayak Symposium this week. Wish we could have joined them. Morven sent me a text from somewhere in the Sound of Sleat, said the weather was perfect! Next year, deffo!


BobC said…
That's a stonking shot. Congratulations on the fellowship, and as a title it's also very good - definitely looks like Mordor lies beyond!
Thanks, Bob. Wonderful Arran!