Last paddle in the Honcho

Well, it will have been the last paddle if Sam brings the money next Wednesday! I've had the Dagger Honcho about four years and it's a good boat. Done a good few rivers in that time, with some good runs on the Dart, Tees, Wear, Derwent to name a few and plenty of river time at HPP. This boat surfs really well on the sea because it has a planing hull and quite hard rails. Not bad at all for a down river play boat, it even carves after a fashion. Nowhere near as good on ocean surf as the X-Ray, though. But then the X-Ray was made for it. I'll take some time over summer to make a descision on my next creeker, but so far it looks like the Liquid Logic Jefe. It just felt right. Joe & I did the loop tonight. The weir was working well and we spent some time playing on it after we shot it. Then we went into the sluice pool and spent some time surfing the standing waves on the centre chute. River was high because of recent heavy rain. Honcho is still in good nick for it's age and use, looking at this shot. Forgot to pre-order jacket spuds in the pub afterwards, doh!