Decided to go for a paddle this evening. Just to see what the river was doing and also to have another go in Julie's Approach. I really like this boat, it's a total compromise that seems to carry itself off very well. It felt like an armchair the first time I paddled it, especially after the surf kayaks. It even makes the Honcho look small. But it is very comfortable, stable and predictable. It is also a lot more responsive that I thought it could be. It's actually a pleasure to paddle. The river was flowing quite fast and was high after all the recent rain, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try the Approach out properly. Dagger's blurb says that it is good up to G3, I think it would cope very well on large volume rivers, but at 10' in length, it's a bit long for anything tight and technical. I decided to paddle upstream because of the flow. I didn't want to go downstream in case I would not be able to paddle back against the current. It was a good decision, the flow was quite fast and I had to ferryglide from eddy to eddy in a few places to make any progress. It was a good workout! The Approach worked the flow really well and is much faster than the Honcho. I managed to get up to the weir eventually. I could hear the roar of the water from about 200 yards away! If it's still running like this on Wednesday, it will be interesting to shoot it. So, I had a play in the weir pool in the rain for half an hour and then turned back and drifted downstream with the current. That was really pleasant, the rain stopped and there was a fantastic stormy sky and sunset. Just drifting along with the flow with the occasional correction stroke to miss the trees and bushes. So peaceful. Nice boat, the Approach. Think we'll keep it!

Achilles tendon is feeling better today, but still not ready for jogging or hillwalking. This problem has been ongoing since last November, when I broke down when I went out for a run one evening. I've had a few sports injuries over the years, but nothing like this. It just seems to take so long to heal itself! Well, I suppose it's my own fault for trying to run again before the injury had healed completely. Painful, too. Maybe I'll learn one day!

Spoke to Sophie today, she's really excited about her new flat. She got the keys last Thursday. Will try and get to see her this week.


Bob said…
Well hello there and welcome to Blogworld!!
JJ x
Bob said…
Nice boat! Glad to see you got a blog up and running :) You're on the news feed already.
Why, thank you both! Nice to be here. :)