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Moor thoughts...

Things are looking up on the Achilles tendon situation. The pain and stiffness in my left leg suddenly went a few days ago. Well, it has only taken 6 months since I crippled myself when I went out for a run back in December! I went to the gym, did my usual routine and things were looking good enough to tentatively try the treadmill out again. The last time I thought my leg was strong enough, about 5 weeks ago, I made a big, big mistake in trying to run and broke down instantly. Depressingly back to square one with a very sore and swollen Achilles. This time, it felt different and I did a "safe" 3.5 k before backing off whilst I was ahead. No pain or stiffness, this could be the turning point. I hope it is, I can now even raise my bodyweight up unaided on the ball of my left foot. Couldn't do that a week ago. For the first time in months, I'm feeling that this will eventually heal.

Standing stones and other megalithic sites are the jewels in our moorlands'…

Ricoh GR-D

Following on from a recent thread on OM, here's a few images taken on the Ricoh GR-D with the 21mm converter. The shot of the bloke painting his boat has been cropped to remove a shadow that intruded into the frame on the right. All shots taken at 400asa, aperture priority, raw + jpeg. Monochrome 16-bit conversion via C2B&WPro3 after working the .dng through ACR to reduce noise.

The bottom shot is kind of poignant. I can remember vividly the euphoria of the last few metres of the C2C whilst walking down the slipway at RHB! I walked straight into the sea to great laughter from Dan, Sophie & Joe who were all waiting for me on the beach. They thought Dad was off his trolley. Quite a few tourists seemed to find it funny, too. I was on cloud nine, especially after eight pints in the Bay Hotel. The C2C was the last trek I did with a pack greater than 50 litres. From then on, I was going light. Light is king. Light is life-changing..... in more ways than one ;)


Moorland is underrated. Moorland has the best skies and moorland is a place to reflect. Each moorland area has it's own identity, just as every mountain does. Each has it's own smell, it's own flora and it's own rocks. Each has it's own individual style. I like moorland and I like particularly Dartmoor. Dartmoor is exactly what a moor should be; a wilderness, a place of pagan values and inspiration. To some, the Moor is featureless and bleak. There are others, like me, who see something else there. A wild camp on Dartmoor is an experience to savour. Conan-Doyle has much to answer for, Dartmoor is no haunt of hounds from hell, although there may be (is) the occasional large cat to spice things up a little. Neither is the Moor a place to be feared by well-equipped and competent walkers. In fact, Dartmoor is more user-friendly than some other English moorland areas. There are features and signs of human activity all around and I have never found navigati…


What a month June is turning out to be! Two Ten2One seminars now done. The first in Croydon and the second in Rotherham. Both went well, one more to go. Chuck in a two-day Civil Partnership event spread 4 days apart and the last 10 days or so have been a bit hectic to say the least. The girls were great and really up for anything on the Wednesday, only problem we had was with the full-on sun. Southport is a great place, wonderful architecture and really friendly people. We were prepared to fend-off the public while the girls were doing their stuff, but no problems at all. L & L were stars, and really turned-on by the attention. Street photography is fun. Double the fun when you can deliberately set out to shock with the intention of doing it your way. Almost caused an accident right in front of us on Lord Street when a passing bus very nearly slammed into the rear of a stationary car. The driver was so busy watching the girls performing as he drove past, he wasn't d…

Fujifilm UK

Cryptic telephone conversation with Colin Buck, CEO of MPA, today. Was told to ring a number. Number turns out to be direct line to John C at Fuji! He has seen my Fellowship panel and is, quote, "blown away" by it. Looks like Fuji are giving some serious attention to this. Well, I do have the Jolly Green Giant to thank in some measure. All the shots, bar one, were taken on Fuji cameras and RVP 50 or 100, so there is some publicity value in this for them which is great for both of us. Also spoke to Trevor and the word-engineered stuff is going out this week. BJP have done something for the next edition. We're off to Southport today to meet up with tomorrow's wedding clients. It's our first Civil Partnership and the girls are really up for having some fun tomorrow. Loads of street photography in black and white, I feel an HCB day coming on! Back in Southport again on Saturday for their reception, which should be wild! Really looking forwards to a ride…

MPA East Midlands Region print competition.

So, Thursday evening saw us at he annual MPA E.Mids. Region print competition. Julie & I entered 4 categories between and won all four! She won Classical Wedding and 10-From-1 Wedding, I won Landscape and Pictorial. Not a bad evening! This takes us through to the National Awards in which is being held in Newcastle in October. I really want the UK Landscape title again, we'll see what happens this year. The Pictorial category winning shot was the one of Cir Mor on Arran, which is posted below. My winning Landscape image is the one posted above. It is the "Boxing Gloves" on the northern edge of Kinder Scout. I took the shot in the late afternoon one day last autumn, hence the low angle of the sun. It was a trip I made especially to photograph some of the outcrops on Kinder. It was a really nice walk up by The Nab, anti-clockwise around the perimeter, past the Downfall and back down via Grindsbrook Clough to a pint in the Nag's Head. Great walk, and worth…