What a month June is turning out to be! Two Ten2One seminars now done. The first in Croydon and the second in Rotherham. Both went well, one more to go. Chuck in a two-day Civil Partnership event spread 4 days apart and the last 10 days or so have been a bit hectic to say the least. The girls were great and really up for anything on the Wednesday, only problem we had was with the full-on sun. Southport is a great place, wonderful architecture and really friendly people. We were prepared to fend-off the public while the girls were doing their stuff, but no problems at all. L & L were stars, and really turned-on by the attention. Street photography is fun. Double the fun when you can deliberately set out to shock with the intention of doing it your way. Almost caused an accident right in front of us on Lord Street when a passing bus very nearly slammed into the rear of a stationary car. The driver was so busy watching the girls performing as he drove past, he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing. All four people on the rear seat were thrown into the air and landed in a heap on the floor of the bus.....surreal! No-one seemed to be hurt, fortunately. L&L loved the two hours we had together around Southport, so did we! After we sent the girls on their way, we went for a couple of pints in the Smallest Pub in England on Marine Drive. We got into the most bizarre conversation which everyone in the place joined in. There was an old guy at the bar who was completely off his face (it was only 6.00pm !) and he added much to the general wisdom that was being put forward. Turns out he was once a percussionist with a very popular big-band during the "Swing" era. The conversation was about the best way to cook a salmon. We now know that the only way to cook a salmon corrrectly is to put it in the dishwasher! That should give an idea of the level of hilarity we enjoyed with strangers in this tiny pub. You never know who you might bump into do you? Got chatting to a lovely lady sitting next to us who turned out to be the wife of 40 years of Big Daddy (the wrestler Shirley Crabtree). Eunice is one of those people who is a delight to spend time with and a very nice lady indeed. She told us much about her life in the circus as one of the Carolli family, a more generous and pleasant person you could not wish to meet. She was with a singer, Chris from Nuneaton, who has been singing weekly at the pier cafe for many years. One thing that puzzled us about Southport is that there is a beautiful Victorian pier. The strange thing is that the sea is nowhere in sight, the pier simply runs out onto dry sand! Only very occasionally does the sea come anywhere near the pier, but the pier has it's own fishing club which meets every Thursday! We later met up with fellow 'tog Dave Worthington from Liverpool in the same pub the following day. Dave is a good mate and it's always good to see him. Not only is the man a great photographer, he is a mine of info on '60s rock and played at the Cavern back in Beatlemania days. Love chatting with Dave.

Back at Halsall (near Ormskirk) for L&L's reception on the Saturday. The girls flew in by helicopter and were greeted by two naked Butlers...what an event this was! Loads going on all evening, the whole thing was really well-planned and great fun. Entertainment of top quality all night and the best firework display since the Millenium. If only all weddings were like this, two days of really good fun and fill-yer-boots raunchy wedding photography. The kind of wedding any pro wants to shoot!

One more wedding, another two-day seminar to deliver at Nikon UK and then off to Portugal on a commercial shoot. Wooooo!

That's L&L on the bridge in Southport , above. Shot it on the RD1-s with the 12mm straight into full sun (don't tell Nikon!).