Ricoh GR-D

Following on from a recent thread on OM, here's a few images taken on the Ricoh GR-D with the 21mm converter. The shot of the bloke painting his boat has been cropped to remove a shadow that intruded into the frame on the right. All shots taken at 400asa, aperture priority, raw + jpeg. Monochrome 16-bit conversion via C2B&WPro3 after working the .dng through ACR to reduce noise.

The bottom shot is kind of poignant. I can remember vividly the euphoria of the last few metres of the C2C whilst walking down the slipway at RHB! I walked straight into the sea to great laughter from Dan, Sophie & Joe who were all waiting for me on the beach. They thought Dad was off his trolley. Quite a few tourists seemed to find it funny, too. I was on cloud nine, especially after eight pints in the Bay Hotel. The C2C was the last trek I did with a pack greater than 50 litres. From then on, I was going light. Light is king. Light is life-changing..... in more ways than one ;)