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Cryptic telephone conversation with Colin Buck, CEO of MPA, today. Was told to ring a number. Number turns out to be direct line to John C at Fuji! He has seen my Fellowship panel and is, quote, "blown away" by it. Looks like Fuji are giving some serious attention to this. Well, I do have the Jolly Green Giant to thank in some measure. All the shots, bar one, were taken on Fuji cameras and RVP 50 or 100, so there is some publicity value in this for them which is great for both of us. Also spoke to Trevor and the word-engineered stuff is going out this week. BJP have done something for the next edition. We're off to Southport today to meet up with tomorrow's wedding clients. It's our first Civil Partnership and the girls are really up for having some fun tomorrow. Loads of street photography in black and white, I feel an HCB day coming on! Back in Southport again on Saturday for their reception, which should be wild! Really looking forwards to a ride in the helicopter.

Yesterday saw our first turn speaking at the Ten-to-One series down in Croydon. Julie & I travelled down on Sunday and were first on stage at 9.30am. It seemed to go really well, we had plenty of positive feedback from delegates and sold some books! Great relief to get the first one done. The second is next Monday in Rotherham, after yesterday's success we're feeling ok about it. We'll stay overnight on Monday and have a few beers with Andrea & Dick.

Joe passed his Driving Test yesterday, woooo! So proud of him, he drove over with Adam and took Julie & I out for a drink . He stayed on Coca Cola, bless him!

Alport dale, above. Looking down the dale towards Grains in the Water. It was the light hitting the top of the undulating ground in the foreground that caught my eye. It gives a nice leading line into the image. This was taken on the FujiGX617 with the 90mm lens on RVP50. This was one of those Dark Peak days that start off perfectly with a beautiful frosty sunrise (although no cloud), only to deteriorate into a foggy, dim and windy day with sleet and a white sky. It was a good day to blow away the cobwebs. A day spent walking on Bleaklow is always an adventure. Of all the Dark Peak and south Pennine moorlands, Bleaklow can be the most malevolent and the most uplifting at the same time. Wonderful!


BG! said…
Nice site, LotC!

I hope you don't mind, but I've put a link to this on my blog. Don't laugh at my pics, though, or I'll disconnect you! :-)

Here's hoping that we meet again.

Thanks, Stef! I never laugh at anyone's images unless they are meant to be laughed at.

I also hope we meet again.