Moor thoughts...

Things are looking up on the Achilles tendon situation. The pain and stiffness in my left leg suddenly went a few days ago. Well, it has only taken 6 months since I crippled myself when I went out for a run back in December! I went to the gym, did my usual routine and things were looking good enough to tentatively try the treadmill out again. The last time I thought my leg was strong enough, about 5 weeks ago, I made a big, big mistake in trying to run and broke down instantly. Depressingly back to square one with a very sore and swollen Achilles. This time, it felt different and I did a "safe" 3.5 k before backing off whilst I was ahead. No pain or stiffness, this could be the turning point. I hope it is, I can now even raise my bodyweight up unaided on the ball of my left foot. Couldn't do that a week ago. For the first time in months, I'm feeling that this will eventually heal.

Standing stones and other megalithic sites are the jewels in our moorlands' crown and often feature in my images. One day, if I get the time, I would like to photograph all of the UK sites. Standing stones and prehistoric sites add greatly to the moorland experience. There comes the realisation that whoever went before possibly would have done things differently. We just didn't get to understand that there are alternative paths in time, did we?