MPA East Midlands Region print competition.

So, Thursday evening saw us at he annual MPA E.Mids. Region print competition. Julie & I entered 4 categories between and won all four! She won Classical Wedding and 10-From-1 Wedding, I won Landscape and Pictorial. Not a bad evening! This takes us through to the National Awards in which is being held in Newcastle in October. I really want the UK Landscape title again, we'll see what happens this year. The Pictorial category winning shot was the one of Cir Mor on Arran, which is posted below. My winning Landscape image is the one posted above. It is the "Boxing Gloves" on the northern edge of Kinder Scout. I took the shot in the late afternoon one day last autumn, hence the low angle of the sun. It was a trip I made especially to photograph some of the outcrops on Kinder. It was a really nice walk up by The Nab, anti-clockwise around the perimeter, past the Downfall and back down via Grindsbrook Clough to a pint in the Nag's Head. Great walk, and worth the effort!

For the technically minded, this was taken on the Fuji GX617 and 90mm lens, centre nd, f22 on RVP50. Conversion to monochrome via TheImagingFactory Convert to B&W Pro 3.


BobC said…
Love that Kinder shot!
Thanks, Bob. Can't beat a walk on Kinder, even when the weather's bad....or, especially when the weather's bad!