SheWees and Buccaneers.

We had the Buccaneers custom made in 2002. The forward bulkhead is also the footrest and both boats were made to measure. North Shore made beautiful boats and were a little different to the more usual Valley, NDK and P&H boats that most UK sea kayakers seem to opt for. North Shore have now been taken over by Valley. A bit quirky in their design but very well made, I hope the Buccaneer remains in production. I wanted a boat with good secondary stability. Going against the trend I wanted a boat with chines, as one promotes the other. At 5.3 meters long and only 21 inches wide, these boats are efficient and fast. That became obvious when we went for a paddle out to the Farne Islands with NW Sea Kayakers. We found ourselves having to slow up for those who were paddling polyethylene Capellas and Orcas. The only criticism really is that the Buck sits high in the water when unladen. It really needs some weight in it, but is not as badly affected by quartering seas as may be thought. The adjustable skeg is very effective and well-placed. They have a huge load carrying capacity and with those big hatches, loading is not a problem. The hard hatch covers make an effective tea and lunch tray! Good, comfortable boats, we love 'em! I wonder if one day the kayak designers will build in a SheWee that connects to the bilge pump! This is Her Ladyship doing what she does well on the Scottish west coast, somewhere near Skye. For the photographically minded, the shot above was taken on the Leica MP with 21mm asph lens, Fuji Velvia 50 asa.