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What is it with waterproof jackets, cagoules and smocks? We are bombarded with hype and advertising garbage about the merits of various laminated membranes and how efficient they are in transferring water vapour to keep us dry in any conditions. If not a laminate, it is some new fibre that has super powers of moisture transfer. The fact is , for me and anyone else who sweats when under exertion, none of these live up to the hype. Quite simply, they don't work. It's a lie. The worst of them are so inefficient at doing what they are supposed to do that they are useless. As someone who runs hot on the hill, I might just as well wear a bin-liner. I just wish the manufacturers would be a little more honest in their claims. I can live with being warm and damp. I just don't like being mislead. The shot above is a case in point. Red Pike on the High Stile Ridge. I left Buttermere YHA in heavy rain, had a look around the waterfall and then started the ascent. It was w…

Hot Weekend

Cropredy and Fairport's 40th! It was the biggest and best Cropredy Convention ever, a total sell-out with a capacity crowd of over 30,000. What a weekend, Julie & I booked our tickets months ago. I can hardly believe that the first time I saw Fairport Convention was way back in '68 when I was 14 years old! The thought of seeing the 1967 Liege & Lief line-up of Simon, DM, Richard Thompson, Peggy, Swarb, Ashley Hutchings and (Chris While standing in for) Sandy Denny was an irresistible prospect. Three days of great music of different genres, from the polished, mellow Wishbone Ash to Show of Hands, Viva Santana, Jools Holland with Ruby Turner & Lulu and Kerfuffle just to name a few. The weather was glorious, as it often is at Cropredy and the festival was great! We met up with Morven & Brian who came for the Saturday gig, Fairport really excelled in their "Friends" set. They played for over four hours. Jerry Donahue and Richard Thompsom's gu…

Langdale Pikes and Mickleden.

Many Lakeland views deserve a 3:1 panoramic format and the Langdale Pikes shout out for it. There are a number of options that work ok, depending on the viewpoint. Halfway up Pike o' Blisco is one and the top of Side Pike is another, both offer good bivi spots for the early light. I keep reading on OM about tarping and how those who do use tarps would not use anything else, but I'm still not convinced that it is the best option for the UK climate. Down in the valleys, ok, it would be a good choice. Up on top with driving rain.....hmmm...I don't think so! My Goretex twin-hooped Mountain Range bivi bag is pretty bomb-proof and comes in at around 1 kilo, but the miniscule weight of a tarp is tempting for more sheltered sites. Maybe something like the GoLite Hut1 would be good, all-up weight with groundsheet is around 600grammes, 150 grammes extra for a pair of Hampton poles! I need to see one in action.

This shot was from a nice little bivi platform directly above the NT …

Sheds of clichees

I know, someone (everyone?) else has "done" this, but who cares! I just pulled the Leica out of my pocket after I'd tumbled out of the pub. Wild camping on Holy Island, it's great! Everyone should try it, the place is magical, mystical and mellow once the Grockles have all legged it back across the causeway before the tide comes in. Bivvy in the dunes. Just don't get caught......;)

MP, 35mm Summicron asph, Heliopan O22 and FP4+ in ID11.

Look at the size of his chopper!

Well, as I'm getting back into it, my blog that is, I thought I'd post this shot of Lisa arriving at the reception. Some guys just don't realise what they've got, do they. With a chopper like that, you'd think he could afford a decent pair of boxers!

....D200 and 70-200 @ f2.8, btw........

Tipis and Kortas rock!

Blimey, where did July go? So busy with the Ten2One series and work, I didn't get time to update the blog! Joe & I had a few days away for some surfing. Not much surf after the first couple of days, but rather a lot of weather! We had so much rain that the ground was completely saturated and sprayed mud and water up our legs when we walked around the field. The grounsheet was, to quote Joe, like standing on a huge wet teabag! The rain was torrential at times with at least one thunderstorm per day, but we did see the sun on a few occasions. Oh well, it was great to get away and do some surfing and paddling and spend time with Joe and also visit my Mum. The tipi was rock-solid throughout some fairly heavy gusts. This really is one of the best heavyweight tents around. The materials and construction are top quality and it really shows. That comes at a price, I've never spent so much money on a tent before, but I can't see that I'll ever have to buy another…