Langdale Pikes and Mickleden.

Many Lakeland views deserve a 3:1 panoramic format and the Langdale Pikes shout out for it. There are a number of options that work ok, depending on the viewpoint. Halfway up Pike o' Blisco is one and the top of Side Pike is another, both offer good bivi spots for the early light. I keep reading on OM about tarping and how those who do use tarps would not use anything else, but I'm still not convinced that it is the best option for the UK climate. Down in the valleys, ok, it would be a good choice. Up on top with driving rain.....hmmm...I don't think so! My Goretex twin-hooped Mountain Range bivi bag is pretty bomb-proof and comes in at around 1 kilo, but the miniscule weight of a tarp is tempting for more sheltered sites. Maybe something like the GoLite Hut1 would be good, all-up weight with groundsheet is around 600grammes, 150 grammes extra for a pair of Hampton poles! I need to see one in action.

This shot was from a nice little bivi platform directly above the NT Langdale campsite on Side Pike.

Fuji GX617, 90mm lens with centre nd.


cpcnw said…
Mines a Terra Nova Jupiter, single hoop. Its not often I have felt rain on my lower half but it does happen in real bad conditions. About 9 months ago I saw a Mountain Range Twin Hoop on ebay on a buy it now of £75 and it looked in real good condition. I hovered for ages, ended up letting it go but somehow have always wished I hadn't as you cant get em for love nor money now. Since then I made my own tarp to compliment the entrance to the Jupiter and it works well in all but very high winds. The main problem is what to do with soggy jacket / boots and the tarp work well for that. It also weighs very little ontop of the 950g. The fabric is very similar to that used on the 'Laserlight' and I purchased it from Aberkarn Fabrics (great place) My other kit is a Saunders Spacepacker Mk1 (2kg) and a Pro-Action Tiger Paws (good cheap alternative to bivvi/tarp combi but again are no more) Graham ps Did Scafell+Eskdale+BowFell via 'The band' a few weeks ago, great stuff- have also done many an overnighter round the Langdale Pikes, only second to Ennerdale Valley - the last great haven of sanity.
cpcnw said…
Oh, and another great bivvi platform? Near the little shepards hut (not Dub Hut) looking down the Buttermere valley - magic!