Tipis and Kortas rock!

Blimey, where did July go? So busy with the Ten2One series and work, I didn't get time to update the blog! Joe & I had a few days away for some surfing. Not much surf after the first couple of days, but rather a lot of weather! We had so much rain that the ground was completely saturated and sprayed mud and water up our legs when we walked around the field. The grounsheet was, to quote Joe, like standing on a huge wet teabag! The rain was torrential at times with at least one thunderstorm per day, but we did see the sun on a few occasions. Oh well, it was great to get away and do some surfing and paddling and spend time with Joe and also visit my Mum. The tipi was rock-solid throughout some fairly heavy gusts. This really is one of the best heavyweight tents around. The materials and construction are top quality and it really shows. That comes at a price, I've never spent so much money on a tent before, but I can't see that I'll ever have to buy another large tent again given reasonable treatment of this tipi. I should really call it a Korta, which is what it is. Those Saami reindeer herders know how to make a home! It just needs a couple of reindeer skins for the floor to finish it off. I'll get them from Mad Bear, he's cheaper than Caspian and they're probably from the same farmed stock anyway. I'm still a bit wary of having an open fire inside, a lot of the SotP guys seem to use a firebox or wood-burner stove in the winter. I know it should be ok. After all, the vent flap in the cap is to allow the chimney from the stove to pass through. Somehow, open fires and canvas (or nylon) tents don't seem too compatible to me but it's interesting to hear that everyone who uses a firebox or stove in a tipi would not be without one. Hmmm........I'll have to think about it if I do enough winter camping in the tipi. I think the M&S firebowl could be a sensible option, it burns ethanol so there would not be sparks and smoke to worry about. We'll see.....

So, Joe and I got some nice sunsets after the storms cleared whilst we were away, here's one above. For the camera-minded, this was taken on the Ricoh GR-D. It's an interesting juxtaposition: a three-thousand year old Saami design Korta captured by a state of the art digital camera! Old and new technology combined to leave me with another precious memory of time spent with Joe, watching the sun go down with a couple of beers. Great stuff!