Loch Teacuis

Didn't quite make it to Oronsay! The conditions became a little too lively around Carna on the ebb tide for Julie with a steady breeze pushing us down the loch, but what a beautiful place Loch Teacuis is! We had very close encounters with common seals around Eilean Chulaig, these seals were very inquisitive and some followed us down the loch and back again for several kilometers as we paddled back to Ardantiobairt. Unfortunately, we did not see any Otters, but we did stop for a brew on an Otter's dining table, judging by the numerous remains of crabs laying around. The shot of the boats above was taken from here. What was most surprising about Loch Teacuis was the speed with which it drained as the tide went out. When we got out of our boats here, they were two-thirds in the water. Within minutes our boats were high and dry.