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Hardest light

A recent photography thread on OM brought me back to thinking about light, more specifically when is the best light? It has to be first light for me, which is also the hardest light. Hence the name of my blog. The best landscape images that I have made (and some of the worst!) have been taken at first light, just before the sun appears. This shot of Llynau Mymbyr in Snowdonia is a reminder of just how HARD LIGHT can be. I camped overnight by the lakes and was up around 3.00am to be in the right place looking eastwards towards Plas y Brenin. The light was rich and gorgeous as it built up to that intensely saturated pre-sunrise crescendo which is always followed by the rapid demise of mood and euphoria as the light dilutes and weakens. The mist on the lake lasted only seconds, the colours astonishing. But what made this light so hard?

....The bloody midges, that's what! As hard as anything Scotland has to offer. Hard light indeed.

Fuji GX 617
90mm + centre nd grad.
Fuji V…

Big cat sightings

Not unknown in Leicestershire, puma seem to be the most common. I killed the cougar.

Field archery

It's easy to spend an entire day in the woods "killing" everything from leopards to flamingoes and grzzlies, it's also a bit of a laugh and a great way to offload stress. I'm a bit in awe of those who stand in front of distant targets with their stabilised and sighted bows and are able to group six arrows within a 2p piece. Personally, I like the blunt-instrument approach of big wooden arrows.

Vegetarian hunting

My new bow which I have called "Orion" (because it is a hunter style bow!) and an evil pheasant that I saved us both from by killing it twice. Orion is a Samick SHB hunter with 55lb draw-weight. A light, well-balanced bow heavy on power. And to think I'm a life-long vegetarian, too!