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Well, it is said that this is England's favourite view. It is rather a good view, though. There is something about Wasdale that is not often found elsewhere. Maybe it has something to do with the sudden transformation of the landscape from cultivated, pastoral and man influenced to something rather more difficult for humans to shape. Everyone loves Wasdale. This was an eight second exposure at f32. These four panoramic images I made in and above Wasdale on 16th November have been acepted by one of my galleries and will also appear on the website later.
I'm looking forward to going back to Wasdale. As always.

Mosedale from Lingmell

I decided to take Lingmell head-on, rather than follow the boring Lingmell beck route. I knew it would be a leg and lung-busting option. It is a steep route, especially with a heavy pack full of photo gear. I took the Fuji 6x17 with 90mm lens , the Fuji 6x9 (65mm lens), four propacks of RVP 50 asa, lightmeter, the big Manfrotto, Lee filters and various other stuff plus food and water. The main benefit of a steep route is that you go up or down relatively quickly!

As I was crossing the stile at the wall, someone on the other side asked if he could include me in his photograph! We got into conversation after I climbed over and he suddenly said "I know who you are! You're Steve Walton, aren't you? I was looking at your website yesterday because I wanted to photograph Great Gable from the spot you used above Piers Gill." Small world!

Great Gable and Kirk Fell

This really is a playground. Some of the best hill-walking in the UK, in my opinion. Certainly some of the best in England. Gable and it's smaller sibling, Kirk Fell. Basking in late afternoon November sun. Out of the breeze, it was unbelievably warm and I actually got a little sunburn whilst I was setting these images up!

Great Gable and Styhead Tarn.

Lingmell has to be a landscape photographer's gift! The views from around the flat, grassy plateau are breathtaking. Classic Lakeland. Great Gable is an imposing peak from any angle, but looking across upper Wasdale to the scree chutes and crags of Gable is awe-inspiring.

A few days in Wasdale

The weather forecast was not too bad for the weekend of 15-16th November, so I decided to take the camper up to Wasdale for a few days. There was an OM meet planned for the weekend so it seemed a good opportunity to catch up with a few members who I have met before and whose company I have enjoyed. The weather was not good on the Wednesday evening when I arrived, it was raining heavily with a strong wind. Thursday was worse! There was little chance of making any worthwhile images so I set off for a walk up Great End. Needless to say, I spent the day being jet-washed and the clag was down. Friday was just as bad and I spent most of the day around upper Wasdale, trying to get some half decent images for stock use. I met up with a few OM-ers in the pub on Friday night and we made plans to tackle the Mosedale Horseshoe the fiollowing day. A 9.00am start seemed a bit late if we were to get round in daylight, needless to say the last hour or so descending back down to Wasdale Head w…

British Professional Photography Awards - update.

It was a great weekend in Newcastle, good to see so many friends from all over the UK and some new ones from overseas. The Awards this year was a more muted event compared to past years, mainly due the the BIPP pulling out of the PPQB and going their own way. As usual, there was a good bit of controversy over some of the winning images, particularly in the wedding and portrait categories. Variety is the spice of life, so it is said. It will be interesting to see if any of this year's winning images influence the content of next year's entries.

I had to settle for runner-up in the UK Landscape & Travel category this year, but I shall be trying hard to regain the Oskar in 2009. Three outright UK titles in four years makes the Awards rather addictive!

June, July, August, September and October were manic for us in the business this year. We had weddings all over the UK and were speaking at several seminars, including a three day stint at the MPA School of Photography which…