A few days in Wasdale

The weather forecast was not too bad for the weekend of 15-16th November, so I decided to take the camper up to Wasdale for a few days. There was an OM meet planned for the weekend so it seemed a good opportunity to catch up with a few members who I have met before and whose company I have enjoyed. The weather was not good on the Wednesday evening when I arrived, it was raining heavily with a strong wind. Thursday was worse! There was little chance of making any worthwhile images so I set off for a walk up Great End. Needless to say, I spent the day being jet-washed and the clag was down. Friday was just as bad and I spent most of the day around upper Wasdale, trying to get some half decent images for stock use. I met up with a few OM-ers in the pub on Friday night and we made plans to tackle the Mosedale Horseshoe the fiollowing day. A 9.00am start seemed a bit late if we were to get round in daylight, needless to say the last hour or so descending back down to Wasdale Head was done in darkness. Due to failing light (mainly), we cut the walk short by missing out Kirk Fell. It was a bit disappointing, but was the right decision. My head torch batteries would never have lasted, as I suspect neither would have several others! The off-piste drop down to Mosedale was a bit of a knee-wrenching exercise, but at least we didn't opt for the scree-run! We had a good day and I really enjoyed the company again, I think there were 10 or 11 of us. Not bad for me, I usually tend to avoid groups on the hill! The weather was very blustery in places and visibility was not too good, but the rain held off all day.

The forecast for Sunday held the best promise. I wanted to use Lingmell as a viewpoint for the Mosedale Horseshoe of the previous day and to make some more images of Kirk Fell and Great Gable. You can never get enough of that stuff!