Mosedale from Lingmell

I decided to take Lingmell head-on, rather than follow the boring Lingmell beck route. I knew it would be a leg and lung-busting option. It is a steep route, especially with a heavy pack full of photo gear. I took the Fuji 6x17 with 90mm lens , the Fuji 6x9 (65mm lens), four propacks of RVP 50 asa, lightmeter, the big Manfrotto, Lee filters and various other stuff plus food and water. The main benefit of a steep route is that you go up or down relatively quickly!

As I was crossing the stile at the wall, someone on the other side asked if he could include me in his photograph! We got into conversation after I climbed over and he suddenly said "I know who you are! You're Steve Walton, aren't you? I was looking at your website yesterday because I wanted to photograph Great Gable from the spot you used above Piers Gill." Small world!