Bradgate Park

It was a beautiful morning this morning. Too good to be in the office, so I decided to take a walk to the neighbouring village of Newtown Linford. Bradgate Park is adjacent to Newtown Linford and was once the home to Lady Jane Grey, the Nine-Day Queen.
Some of the ancient oak trees in the park are reputed to date back to the time of Lady Jane and there may be some truth in the legend that many of these truncated old trees were decapitated after Lady Jane Grey's beheading on February 12th 1554. Deer herds are maintained in the park and I was fortunate to spend time catching some early rays in the company of this fine red deer stag
'Old John' is the folly on the hill on the right and to the left is a war memorial comemorating those local people who gave their lives in both World Wars.


Colin Griffiths said…
That is just so strange. Martin Rye posted a comment on my blog today that referenced Hard Light. I liked your work and this evening put you on Google Reader. And then you write about Bradgate Park. I live just down the road in Leicester Forest East! That is definitely one of the more creative images I've seen of the Bradgate.
LotC said…
Hi Colin,

Thanks for your comments. I had a look at your blogs. The world is indeed a small place!

I lived for a few years at the start of Lubbesthorpe Bridle Road, on the corner of Lubbesthorpe Road and Watergate Lane and was raised in that area. The Lane was know locally as 'The White Lane'. I remember photographing Mr Root, the farmer who lived at Abbey Farm, as he made his final harvest before the fields disappeared under the Fosse Park, Meridian and Grove Farm sites. They call that progress. I left the area before Fosse Park and Meridian Park were built.
I occasionally return to the Lane to spend a few minutes with thoughts of my Dad. He died on Lubbesthorpe Bridle Lane, close to Abbey Farm in 1977.
Colin Griffiths said…
Thanks for the feedback, especially about "the lane". Do you know anything about the small wooden cross that is half hidden in the hedgerow on the bend near to New Farm?
LotC said…
No, sorry. The cross appeared long after I left the area which was before Fosse Park & Meridian were built.

I remember photographing Mr Root of Abbey Farm as he was harvesting for the final time before his fields disappeared under the tarmac of Fosse Park and Meridian Park.