Fur Tor (or Vur Tor...or even Vwr Tor)

I have finally got around to scanning some of the transparencies from my New Years Eve/Day backpacking trip to Dartmoor. I'm quite pleased with this shot of Fur Tor at sunset and it has made a nice 24x72" print. The warm colour temperature belies the wind chill at the time. The ground was frozen and the wind was quite strong, as can be seen in the blurring of the grass. I find this differential between the movement of grass and the granite outcrop quite pleasing. The superb Fujinon large format lenses that I use on the Fuji GX617, in this case the 90mm lens, are designed to be used at very small apertures. Typically I work at f22 to ensure maximum depth of field from foreground to horizon. Most small format lenses, such as those used on dslr's for example, are adversely affected by difraction degradation at apertures of f16 and below.

My film of choice is always RVP, either 50asa or 100asa. These slow emulsions and small apertures mean that shutter speeds sometimes run into minutes and this can bring the added complication of reciprocity failure, which is the inability of the emulsion to maintain a predictable exposure value or colour rendition. The shutter speed I used to make this exposure on RVP 50 would have been around 1/4 second and reciprocity failure with RVP is not an issue above about 4 seconds.