Striding Edge....pt2

The forecast for Tuesday was for a clear day, and this was perfect. I decided to go back up to the ridge and retrace my route from the previous day again with the Fuji 617. I left the Nikon behind this time and took the Ricoh GRD2 for the record shots. It was one of those glorious mountain days that you wish would never end. The air was like crystal and the sun was warm, although the temperature was -3 down in Glenridding and rather less 3000' up. How different 24 hours can be! I have a soft spot for Helvellyn. It was the first 'proper' mountain I climbed with a few mates over 40 years ago. I am always reminded of that time when I visit Helvellyn. We have all remained friends. A great mountain with great memories for me.

Ricoh GRD2
Wide angle converter


Martin Rye said…
That is a stunning photo. I like how you got the sharpness of the edge and show the steep drops each side. Class shot indeed.
LotC said…
Thanks for dropping by and for your comments, Martin. I shall add a link to your blog.
Anonymous said…
What a great picture. Photography is one of my favorite things so I'm sure I'll be stopping by often.

I saw your request to be added to the OBS Summit Supporter Blogroll and I have done so. Welcome to the OBS.
LotC said…
Hi Kristine. Thanks for your comment and the welcome!