Cameras and photographic equipment are the tools of my trade and not something I usually get sentimental about and neither do I spend time dreaming of owning particular cameras or lenses. There is one exception and that is my Leica MP and my three Leica lenses. When I first saw the MP on it's release several years ago, I wanted one instantly. No, I didn't need a Leica MP, I simply wanted one in the same way a collector of watches would want a Breguet or Rolex, perhaps. There are probably several reasons for wanting something like a Leica MP and I daresay none of those reasons are particularly wholesome or even very sensible, but I bought one anyway. If nothing else, my MP and the awe-inspiring Noctilux f1 lens that I paired it with are a constant reminder of my dear old late Gran. I only wish I could have used it to take a photograph of her. My Leica may have been expensive, but a photograph of my Grandmother would be priceless.