Llynnau Mymbyr

Suffering for one's art as a landscape photographer is easy. Just expose yourself to clouds of midges on a calm, warm and humid morning! Being eaten alive on this beautiful June morning in Snowdonia left me feeling suitably artistic. How can a creature so small as to be barely visible inflict irritation on such an extreme scale? I admire the midge. Despite 54 years of perfecting my own irritation skills, the humble midge leaves me in awe.

Rangefinder magazine in the US are preparing a feature about me and my landscape work and this image of Llynnau Mymbyr in Snowdonia is being used as a header to the article. A significant percentage of my sales come from overseas, including America, so I am both flattered and grateful to Rangefinder for the exposure that has been given to me. I only wish the clouds of midges had evaporated as rapidly as the mist on the lake did at sunrise!

Fuji GX617
RVP 50 (25asa equivalent with centre nd grad).