Newcastle upon Tyne and Ford Anglias

This is where the Leica is a joy to use and where it really excels. As a travel camera, it's difficult to beat. Ok, it's uses film. That could be a drawback for some, but it doesn't need batteries and it is quiet and unobtrusive. I'm no HCB, but I understand the great man's high regard for his Leicas. I took it to Newcastle with me on a job yesterday. Not that I used it for the job, I simply used it for my own enjoyment. Processing film is definitely a step backwards but I don't have to do it these days. When I do get my hands dirty, it's because I want to. The Ford Anglia above was an appropriate subject for the MP and 35 Summicron asph. Funny to think that this was the car that most working-class people drooled over in the 60's. Simplicity of engineering is not always appealing. I never liked the Ford Anglia much back then, let alone today! The shot of the Tyne bridges was taken on the 90mm Elmarit. Film was Iford delta 100 in ID11.