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Up the Cowsic and down the West Dart

I had a day to myself on Dartmoor, so I decided to return to an area that I have not visited for a few years. I like the remote areas of Dartmoor for, as I have said earlier in my blog, moorland gives me space to think and breathe. People and problems are soon left behind and the Moor fills your life. The strange thing is, it seems those things are more quickly left behind if you set off from a popular area of Dartmoor.

The walk I had planned involved setting off from the quarry carpark at Two Bridges, walking up the Cowsic River onto Beardown Tor, on to Lydford Tor, Devils Tor and Beardown Man, Rough Tor, Browne's House, and then above the upper West Dart river to Higher White Tor, Longaford Tor, Crockern Tor, Wistman's Wood and then back to to Two Bridges. Not a huge walk by any means, probably less than 10 miles, but plenty of archaeological interest with the tall menhir of Beardown Man and the remains of Browne's House. It was a beautiful spring morning at 8.30 am,…

Rangefinder Magazine - Trumping The Work Of The Devil!

I've been busy over the past 10 days with working trips to Ireland and Dartmoor. I got back from Co. Leitrim to find that some copies of the April 2009 edition of Rangefinder (USA photographic magazine) had been delivered. I knew that they had prepared a feature about my work, but I hadn't expected 6 pages! Wow, I'm grateful for the exposure and some very kind words. It seems to have followed a recent pattern with work coming in via an American publisher, hence the working trip to the Emerald Isle and Devon.

There is a pdf version of the article available for free download from the front page of the Rangefinder website.

A recent post on an outdoors forum reminded me of a day back in February when I was trying to get some images of Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill in the Peak District. It was one of those days that started well with a beautiful sunrise as I was driving through snow to get to Longnor. I used the Hasselblad Xpan 11 and 90mm lens for the shot above because I…

A monograph!

I've been toying with the idea of starting another blog for quite a while. Colin Griffiths is a frequent and prolific Blogger with several interesting sites. His Lubbesthorpe Bridle Road and Croft Hill blogs are exactly what I have had in mind for my own monograph which will run in tandem with 'Hard Light'.

Thornton Reservoir has been a sanctuary for me for many years. I once lived in Thornton, my children were raised there and Joe, my youngest son, still lives in the village. Since I moved to Markfield, the 'res' is very close once again and I have been re-aquainting myself with the peace that I find there. Thornton Reservoir is the subject and title of my new blog and I shall be updating it frequently. My aim is to record the flora and fauna and the changes that this area continues to experience.

So, an evening walk around Thornton Reservoir with my camera this evening spurred me on to begin my 2nd outdoors blog. The image above was taken this evening on the…