Rangefinder Magazine - Trumping The Work Of The Devil!

I've been busy over the past 10 days with working trips to Ireland and Dartmoor. I got back from Co. Leitrim to find that some copies of the April 2009 edition of Rangefinder (USA photographic magazine) had been delivered. I knew that they had prepared a feature about my work, but I hadn't expected 6 pages! Wow, I'm grateful for the exposure and some very kind words. It seems to have followed a recent pattern with work coming in via an American publisher, hence the working trip to the Emerald Isle and Devon.

There is a pdf version of the article available for free download from the front page of the Rangefinder website.

A recent post on an outdoors forum reminded me of a day back in February when I was trying to get some images of Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill in the Peak District. It was one of those days that started well with a beautiful sunrise as I was driving through snow to get to Longnor. I used the Hasselblad Xpan 11 and 90mm lens for the shot above because I needed panoramic format images. I also took the 503cw for some square format images. By the time I had reached the spot I had chosen from the OS 1:25,000 map, the colourful sunrise had disappeared and was taken over by overcast leaden skies and a bitter cold wind with heavy snow flurries. One thing about shooting on Fuji Velvia is that it lends itself to good monochrome conversion, which is useful as the day became completely monchrome. I enjoyed the walk over Parkhouse Hill and Chrome hill. A couple of post-walk pints of ale by the roaring fire in The Quiet Woman were most welcome!