MPA East Mids Awards

The annual Master Photographers Association East Midlands Region print competition took place this evening. I won the Landscape & Travel category outright and also scored an Award of Excellence and two Merits with the four images I entered. Desi Fontaine FMPA, who leads workshops for Charlie Waite's Light & Land, was judging this year's Regional Awards. I also scored an Award of Excellence in the Pictorial category.

I will not be able to enter the National Awards this year because I have been invited to join the Judging Panel for the commercial categories, which includes Landscape & Travel. This is a great honour for me and I look forward to being involved.


Andy Howell said…
Congrats Steve. What about Sweden? Lots of good photos?
LotC said…
They're coming, Andy. I'm tied up with work at the moment but I shall be posting a trip report soon.