GSI Halulite Kettle

This GSI Halulite kettle caught my eye on the Backpacking Light UK website. It's very light weight and is made of a hard anodised aluminium alloy. It is a simple, functional design that is impossible to fault. The manufacturer claims that the alloy used has superior heat transfer properties to titanium and other metals. I wouldn't argue, it just gets on with the job!

What makes it slightly different from most kettles such as the Trangia offering is the infuser that sits inside under the lid. I'm an avid tea-drinker and this seems like a simple but useful idea. No more fishing tea bags out of a mug, simply drop them in the infuser and brew up! The kettle is well made and has a robust feel to it, the handle is very substantial with a plastic grip. It stands high up when the kettle is on the boil, well away from the heat source and doesn't flop around when pouring boiling water into a mug.

One major benefit of the infuser, whether you use it for tea bags or not, is that it seems to stop the lid blowing when the kettle is full and boiling. Anyone who has boiled a full Trangia kettle will know what I mean!

I can't fault it, the GSI kettle does what it's supposed to do without fuss and now forms the basis of my day walking and paddling brew kit.


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