Mac Book Pro...bloated battery!

It started with a perceptible lessening of battery capacity, then the trackpad and clickpad felt decidedly wrong. Then there was an audible crack.
I figured my 17" Mac Book Pro was unwell. Putting the Mac down on my desktop confirmed my fears as it rocked back and forth. The battery had bloated!

Steve Jobs if you're reading this (which I doubt), your hardware is gorgeous, your software is edifying, but your outsourcing and qc in China sucks! This failing of a battery is unforgivable on what is supposed to be professional standard equipment.

The upside is that a quick trip to The Apple Store in Leicester had the offending battery replaced with a brand new one, free of charge, by a very nice and helpful chap called Adrian.
"It's caused by a chemical reaction!" He said.

Wrong, Adrian. It's caused by cost-cutting, poor r&d, cheap outsourcing, crap quality control, poor manufacture and an unshakable conviction that your products are beyond reproach.

It will be interesting to see whether I will have to pay for the next replacement when this new one bloats itself to death once it's out of the 12 months guarantee period.
At the current price of £84.35 + vat, I think not!



Hendrik M said…
Wow, that is unlucky. How old was your MBP? I have my MacBook now for three years, and while the battery isn't good anymore for prolonged stays away from an outlet, nothing like that has happened.
LotC said…
I hope your Mac Book battery doesn't suffer the same fate, Hendrik. Mine is about 3 years old and the problem seems to mainly affect the 17" MBP, from the evidence published on the web.
Colby said…
This JUST happened to me. I was shocked...yet relieved to find many others with the same problem because that meant more of a chance of Apple replacing it without hassle. I just got off the phone with them and they WERE AWESOME! They sounded genuinely worried and told me this was a problem and I needed to get that they needed to replace it as soon as possible. They are sending me a new one overnight with a prepaid package to send the defective one back. Hell, they didn't even ask about my applecare...They were just worried about getting me up and running again. Although battery failure is inexcusable, the way they treated me made up for it.
Steve Walton said…
I don't agree that the way Apple have treated you (and me for that matter!) makes up for something that should never happen. When I spend the best part of £2000 on 'professional' standard equipment, I don't expect it to have built-in faults. Especially faults with something as basic (and outsourced in China) as the battery. I'm pleased Apple have been as proactive in rectifying the problem for you as they have been for me.

It's the least they could do.
loonygoose said…
*sigh* The Sydney Australia Apple Store made me pay for mine.
My bloating looks exactly like the one in your picture, luckily the MBP itself was undamaged.
The only instruction I received was -
Keep it out of the Sun (derr)
Don't overcharge it.... Why does a 4.5k MBP not know to stop charging a battery when my 1k generic notebook does?