White Box Solo stove

I have been looking for a good lightweight brewkit alternative to gas and the ubiquitous mini Trangia for a long time. I think I have finally found it on Bob & Rose Cartwright's Backpacking Light UK website!
The White Box Solo and the GSI halulite kettle are a perfect match as a lightweight brew kit for day walks and paddles either side of full winter conditions. It's a simple, robust and lightweight combination that I have found difficult to beat. An ideal solution with little, if anything, to go wrong. It complements my Bushbuddy perfectly.
There is ample room in my Innov-8 Race Pro 12ltr sack for the kettle with stove nested inside the infuser, meths bottle, mug, windshield and firesteel, with room left over for a Berghaus PacLite smock and cereal bars.

Some items of outdoor gear are so simple and efficient in design and function that they are a pleasure to use. The latest version of the White Box stove is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any dedicated alcohol stove enthusiast! It's made from the same recycled aluminium bottles as the original, but is a little shorter with a smaller fuel capacity. The lower centre of gravity is a definite advantage.

It comes with a square of aluminium flashing for a base...

....and a windshield made of the same material which has vents punched into it and is held in place by a large paper clip.

The stove needs around 45 secs to 'bloom', the jets are perfectly sized to give an astonishingly powerful output. In indoor conditions, I boiled 600ml of cold tap water (enough for two mugs of tea) in 6.5 minutes from 1.25 fl ozs of methylated spirit. The burner continued to burn for a further 1.5 minutes. Outside in a breeze it takes a couple of minutes more, but the stove seems to be more fuel efficient and faster to boil than a Trangia.

White Box stoves are known to have a wide flame spread. It is not suitable for pots of less than 4 inches in diameter because the flames will curl around the outside of the pot. The GSI kettle is 6 inches in diameter and works perfectly. The whole of the base of the kettle is covered by the spread of the burner. Beware if using the stove inside a tent porch, the burner will flare from the centre when the pot or kettle is removed.

An upturned mug can be used to snuff out the burner:

Tea brewing and alcohol burning at it's best!