White Box Solo stove

I have been looking for a good lightweight brewkit alternative to gas and the ubiquitous mini Trangia for a long time. I think I have finally found it on Bob & Rose Cartwright's Backpacking Light UK website!
The White Box Solo and the GSI halulite kettle are a perfect match as a lightweight brew kit for day walks and paddles either side of full winter conditions. It's a simple, robust and lightweight combination that I have found difficult to beat. An ideal solution with little, if anything, to go wrong. It complements my Bushbuddy perfectly.
There is ample room in my Innov-8 Race Pro 12ltr sack for the kettle with stove nested inside the infuser, meths bottle, mug, windshield and firesteel, with room left over for a Berghaus PacLite smock and cereal bars.

Some items of outdoor gear are so simple and efficient in design and function that they are a pleasure to use. The latest version of the White Box stove is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any dedicated alcohol stove enthusiast! It's made from the same recycled aluminium bottles as the original, but is a little shorter with a smaller fuel capacity. The lower centre of gravity is a definite advantage.

It comes with a square of aluminium flashing for a base...

....and a windshield made of the same material which has vents punched into it and is held in place by a large paper clip.

The stove needs around 45 secs to 'bloom', the jets are perfectly sized to give an astonishingly powerful output. In indoor conditions, I boiled 600ml of cold tap water (enough for two mugs of tea) in 6.5 minutes from 1.25 fl ozs of methylated spirit. The burner continued to burn for a further 1.5 minutes. Outside in a breeze it takes a couple of minutes more, but the stove seems to be more fuel efficient and faster to boil than a Trangia.

White Box stoves are known to have a wide flame spread. It is not suitable for pots of less than 4 inches in diameter because the flames will curl around the outside of the pot. The GSI kettle is 6 inches in diameter and works perfectly. The whole of the base of the kettle is covered by the spread of the burner. Beware if using the stove inside a tent porch, the burner will flare from the centre when the pot or kettle is removed.

An upturned mug can be used to snuff out the burner:

Tea brewing and alcohol burning at it's best!


Dave Hanlon said…
I have the original white box stove and love it. Can't realy claim to need a replacment but your review has me wanting the new model. Looks like a thing of beauty: simple, robust and functional.

Still waiting for the Varmland write up with baited breath!
LotC said…
Well they're cheap enough and you could always do with a spare, couldn't you Dave!

The canoe trek in Sweden was wonderful. I'll write the trip up here when I have enough spare time. Suffice to say, I'm planning another route for next year. Just too busy at the moment to do the write-up justice. Which isn't a bad thing, I guess! Thanks for your comments.
Anonymous said…
I've own the original version for a couple years without a problem. While my 16 oz camp cup is a tad small for the flame spread the wind screen concentrates the heat to the sides of the cup and I get a real fast boil time. I have no problems with using a smaller base pot/cup.

Great little stove !

Steve Walton said…
Thanks, RJ. That's useful to know. I guess the handle of your cup gets hot, but that's another good use for a Buff!
Tim Parkin said…
Hi Steve - I'm wanting to camp in order to be able to stay in locations for longer and the link to the backpacking light UK website. Hopefully next year I'll make the most of this :-)