Late nights and long days.

I finally got around to tidying two of the really important websites I own. Well, they do put bread on the table! Too many images on both, so I've trimmed them down a bit and re-arranged the text to make things a little faster and more legible.
With anything important and technology driven, it's seems to be a long-winded and occasionally frustrating process to get things looking something like the way you want them to on a website. The shot of Norfolk Island on Ullswater above is a good example. The template will only show a very low resolution version of it for some reason. Infuriating! For the technically minded, it was taken on RVP 50 with the Hassleblad 503CW and 80mm Planar at f8. Not sure of the shutter speed, but I guess around 1/8 sec.

Frankly, I'd rather be taking photographs!

I shall miss the Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival this year. It's previously been an annual pilgrimage for me, but I have to work. I hope Brian & Morven and the other 30000-odd real ale conoisseurs have a great weekend. I'll be thinking of you, especially if Steve Winwood turns up!