The power of blogging

Since I started this blog, I have come into virtual and actual contact with many people and new opportunities have presented themselves to me in ways which I would never have previously considered. One thing we all share is an appreciation of the outdoors. We all have our reasons and philosophies behind this appreciation and I enjoy reading the multitude of thoughts, opinions, gear reviews, routes, images and useful information that blogging throws into the virtual outdoors world.

One major discovery I have made is the power that a regularly updated blog can hold within the murky world of search engine activity and the immeasurable potential for driving internet traffic to a website.

With that in mind, I've turned my attention to resurrecting my wedding photography blog:

Late coming, I know, there can be no excuses for the neglect. It may not hold much interest for many who read and follow Hard Light, but it all happens outdoors, given the chance!
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