Woodstock 40th Anniversary

BBC Radio 2 have a programme scheduled on Saturday 15th August to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival. The presenter is John Sebastian (those of a certain age will remember the Lovin' Spoonful!).
1969 will seem a lifetime away for anyone who was born the right side of that vintage year, for the rest of us it was the apex of the short-lived hippy idyll. What did Woodstock do for the hundreds of thousands who were there and the millions more who, like me, lived it via Michael Wadleigh's 1970 film? It gave us the belief that we were immortal and we could change things. We've been proven wrong about immortality, ask Jimi, Gerry & Janis, although Carlos and Richie may disagree. I'm not too sure that we did change much apart from kicking up a little dust here and there, but one direct spin-off at home was the 1970 Bath Festival which I did get to as a 16 year-old hitchhiker. From there on to Canada and a very brief foray into America and suddenly finding the stark reality of what it was we were all protesting about at that time, through the friendship of a few draft dodgers. Now that was a laugh!
It seems that Michael Eavis was also suitably impressed by being at the Bath Festival all those years ago. Change becomes habit.


Chris Townsend said…
Good post. For those of us old enough to understand it! I was at the Bath Festival too.
Steve Walton said…
Now I feel old, Chris! :-D