Y Garn

Business took us to North Wales last week. Just a stone's throw from Snowdonia and the Ogwen Valley, the temptation to stay over was simply too great. We decided to pitch the heavyweight camping gear under the watchful gaze of Tryfan for a couple of nights. What a beautiful evening. Warm, sunny and most un-Ogwen like. The Milestone Buttress layby is always busy at weekends, but once everyone has gone (and they always do!) and the A5 quietens down, it's a great place to sit on the wall with a glass of wine and soak up the surroundings on a fine evening. I had high hopes of the same again for the following day. I should have known better, this is Snowdonia!

I was hoping for some late afternoon light. I didn't get much of that, but it made for an optimistic walk up and over the summit of Y Garn and back down by the Devil's Kitchen path to Llyn Idwal, it was a nice circular leg-stretcher. The weather was heavily overcast for most of the day and the threat of rain was constant. In fact it did rain frequently, but not enough to actually be really wet. It was refreshingly fine drizzle whilst I was hauling myself up the steepest parts and annoyingly persistent whilst I was waiting at the top for that elusive light. I gave it a good while, other walkers came and went, clouds rushed on by and my muesli bars vanished. The heavy cloud did part briefly and I managed to quickly get a few images on the Fuji GX617, which is what I was there for. I'll post a panoramic shot when the films have been processed and returned from the lab.

The view in the opposite direction gives a stunning aspect of Crib Goch and the Snowdon group when the light is right. I've made a mental note to return to Y Garn this coming winter with the Fuji GX617 and the superlative Fujinon 300mm lens, it really is the best view of the Crib Goch ridge I have seen apart from standing on it.

Whilst I was waiting, I took the record shot above on the Ricoh GRD2 with wide angle converter 80asa @ f.8. ( jpeg saved from the RAW file). Even on a dull day the view down to the Ogwen valley is impressive. Pen yr Ole Wen and the Carneddau to the left, Tryfan and the Glyders to the right. Inevitably, though, I had to move on as the wind increased and I became too cold to hang around. August, eh!

I'm looking forward to standing on top of Y Garn again and not only for that shot across the way.


Hendrik M said…
The above is a fantastic photograph, something I would print out as a poster and put on my wall. It just want me to go there and walk down to the lake (or loch?) and then up the ridge on the left. Absolutely stunning - I got a lot to learn still, if it comes to photography!
Steve Walton said…
Thanks Hendrik. The ridges on the right are the ones to aim for, Tryfan and Bristly Ridge. Hope you can make it someday!