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Canoeing in Sweden. Getting there....

On a multi-day journey, whether it's on foot, by bicycle or boat, the days soon merge and life becomes noticeably uncomplicated.  All that matters is food, water and shelter.  Everything else is there to be absorbed, learnt from and appreciated. Each Island or shore we camped on had it's own ambience.  In a couple of cases the feelgood encouraged us to stay for a second night.  You notice things, the wildlife and your surroundings become familiar surprisingly quickly.

The Lillalven led us into this small lake and we camped there.  It was a very calm evening, I was really hopeful that we would finally see some moose, it seemed to be an ideal habitat for them but we didn't see a moose!  Good reason to go back, I suppose.  There were osprey and, oddly, a pair of whooper swans in the reedbed acroos the lake.  I had a wonderful hour paddling around this lake as darkness set in.  Those sounds I mentioned earlier come back to me as i write this: great northern and red throated …

TGO Challenge 2010

After failing to make the draw, I've just received notification that I'm number 84 on the standby list for the TGO Challenge 2010.

Can I leave the dates free until April in the hope of making it via the standby draw? 

Not if there's the chance of an alternative challenge in the meantime.

Canoeing in Sweden. The journey continues....

Even the most gentle current is a bonus when it's going with you.  Yes, there was a flow on the Lillalven as we threaded our way through a reedbed downstream of the beaver lodge.  The boat was heavy and the push that the current gave was very welcome.  Our route followed the Lillalven into and out of many lakes.  Like all wilderness rivers this one has beautiful serene sections that could only be found by travelling on the river itself, it does not give up it's secrets to just anyone. You have to live with the river to find them.

There was a nip in the air, just enough to remind us that this land can still bite despite benign weather. Julie needed that Buffalo Special 6 shirt and her Reed Chillcheater Transpire fleece polo neck and tights, I was wearing my Cascadas, Cambia long sleeve t-shirt and Torres gilet and was fine as long as I kept up a steady cadence with the paddle.

Paramo!  Who would think that a range of outdoor clothing could produce so much heated debate on outdo…