TGO Challenge 2010

After failing to make the draw, I've just received notification that I'm number 84 on the standby list for the TGO Challenge 2010.

Can I leave the dates free until April in the hope of making it via the standby draw? 

Not if there's the chance of an alternative challenge in the meantime.


whitespider1066 said…
89 is high, but keep your name on the list it will improve your chances if you apply next year.
Steve Walton said…
In that case I'm glad I'm only at 84, then! ;-)

I was surprised to find that those who made the draw now stands at 330. I fully accept and agree that numbers should be strictly controlled, for many reasons. The line has to be drawn.
Phreerunner said…
That's really hard luck, but you may still make it. So long as you don't withdraw, you should get on next year, even if you don't quite make it this year.
Incidentally, even with 300 people you can go almost the whole way without encountering other Challengers!
The canoeing in Sweden looks good BTW.
Steve Walton said…
No, I won't withdraw. One thing I have enjoyed about the long distance trails I've done over the years is periodically meeting up with other walkers on the routes. Even though I generally prefer solitary walking, the craic over a few pints has always been good. After reading so many Challenger's blogs the social aspect seems to be quite healthy, but the option for solitude is always there.