Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice which marks the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  I went down the lane to Thornton Reservoir this evening to take a few images as the sun went down on the shortest day of the year.
The winter solstice is a pagan festival which has been celebrated for thousands of years, long before the arrival of Christianity. The Romans celebrated it as the feast of Saturnalia, the Greeks as the birth of Zeus and the ancient Druids celebrated it as the rebirth of the sun as the days gradually lengthen.

Io Saturnalia, Happy Yule!


Martin Rye said…
Winter truly has arrived this year with all that snow. Great photo Steve.
Steve Walton said…
Thanks, Martin. Winter has indeed arrived. A day walk in the Peak District yesterday got off to a great start in glorious sunshine and ended in blizzards with me struggling to get home through iced-up and snowbound roads. I was even looking at spending the night in the car at one point, fortunately that was not the case and I managed to escape winter's grip eventually.
We're just not used to real winter conditions on our roads any more, are we!
Hendrik M said…
Yes, great photo! Winter solstice means one thing for us here in the North: Now every day will again be a bit longer. Soon the sun will shine over the ice and snow covered lakes, and its just a few months (well, five) till spring arrives. Yule tidings!
Steve Walton said…
Thanks, Hendrik. I have a vision of the scene you describe. Sun shining over a frozen landscape is a truly wonderful sight! Each season has it's own magic and the transition from one to the next is always a cause for celebration. Think of all the outdoor adventures to come!