Ricoh GRD2 - a big up for Ricoh repair & service in the UK!

Anyone who knows me or follows this blog will know I really like the Ricoh GRD series of cameras. All three variants are superb, no frills, damn good outdoor photographer's cameras.

Like anything that gets used frequently a Ricoh GRD2 can go wrong.  My much-used Ricoh GRD2 developed a fault a couple of weeks ago.  It would not let me upgrade to the latest firmware, throwing up an error along the lines of  'file could not be found'  when attempting to install the download.

Movie, Manual and aperture priority modes were also lost with the only option to shoot images being in programme mode. It was looking like a very sick camera, having been heavily used since I bought it and being one of the first batch in the UK, it is well beyond the warranty period.

I submitted a service request from the Ricoh UK website, packed the camera up securely and posted it off to the the repairers as per the online instructions.

I waited patiently for the diagnosis and the expected hefty repair bill.  What came back 4 days later was an email to say the camera had been posted and was on it's way back to me.

Less than one week since I sent my GRD2 in for repair, it has been returned to me fully repaired, checked, cleaned, serviced and with the latest firmware installed.  Completely free of charge!

Well done Ricoh, it's good to know that this kind of technical support, service and customer care is still available.  You will retain one very loyal customer!  You would anyway.  I'm looking at a new GRD3.