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Bleaklow. B29 Superfortress 'Overexposed' and the Wain Stones.

"In the blink of an eye......." 

It's an often-used term and one which has huge significance during times of personal upheaval and  loss.  Six words that bring events and the relationship between those events and individual perspectives into sharp focus.  Comparisons between my own recent personal upheaval and loss with other events that have affected people I will never know far more deeply and permanently than my own bring some cause for reflection.  Where better than a place as changeable as Bleaklow to help one get to grips with reality!

 A beautiful spring day on Bleaklow.   Not even a breeze, just glorious warm sunshine.  The calls and songs of skylark, meadow pipit, curlew, golden plover and red grouse for company, rebirth, renewal and optimism.  A day for celebration and a fresh start.  A day for realising that nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

  The Pennine Way cuts across the peaty wastes of Bleaklow.  I remember starting that trip with optimism years ago, it&…