I'm back.  All I need to do now is to regain my fitness, especially my hill fitness.....and I can't wait!  Sea kayaking today has been a wonderful breath of fresh air now that I can wield my paddle again.  I've lost so much muscle tissue, but least I can now have fun building myself back up! 

It all changed in an instant on this secluded lane in Leitrim at 6.30pm on 31st July.  I know it was 6.30 because my wrist watch stopped at the point of impact.

It hurt. A lot.  It continued to hurt for almost three months.  Now it's gone and I'm back.

Image courtesy of Ben Millet.  He took this while I was waiting for the Paramedics and Fire Service to arrive and extract me from the wreck.  I don't know who the lady is, but I suppose she meant well.

Back to living again.....