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4 Seasons in One Day on Kinder Scout!

The sun was already up by the time we pulled into the last available parking space outside the Nag's Head yesterday.  It promised to be a fine, clear day, so Joe & I decided to take the quick way up from Edale via The Nab, crossing directly to the northern edge for an anti-clockwise circuit.

Sitting in the shelter of the rocks above The Nab with a brew, looking out over Edale and the Great Ridge beyond, the warm sun gave a feeling of early autumn rather than mid winter with record low temperatures and snowfall only days ago.

How easy it is to be seduced by a few minutes of warm sun!  The ominous cloud building up overhead gave a hint of what was rolling across from Bleaklow. A little rain, followed by a little sleet, followed by a little snow flurry.  By the time we got to Fairbrook Naze, the clag was well and truly down and remained so for the rest of the day.  Four seasons seemlessly joined together in the space of a couple of hours.

You can't help but admire our climate…

Wildboarclough to Shutlingsloe

What a glorious, sub-zero winter's day yesterday!  Spent all morning shooting panoramics on the Fuji GX617 around Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill until I ran out of Velvia 50!

With the afternoon free, I went over to Wildboarclough for a walk across Piggsworth Moor to Shutlingsloe.  An easy stroll which was spiced up with a few thigh-deep drifts to stumble through.  Good job I packed the D3 and 14-24mm! 

Late afternoon on Shutlingsloe, just me and the light.....wonderful!