Grindleford Station and back via Padley Gorge, Over Owler Tor, Higger Tor, Burbage Rocks and Longshaw Estate.

One of the benefits (possibly the only benefit!) of being self-employed is that I can take time out of the office when everyone else is busy at work to have as much solitude as is possible.  Last Tuesday presented a good opportunity to take a walk in the Peak District.

I decided to select a varied route to take in a bit of everything from the lovely Padley Gorge, up past Mother Cap, Over Owler Tor to Higger Tor, round by Burbage Bridge and along the gritstone edge of Upper Burbage Rocks and down through the Longshaw Estate back to the start at Grindleford Station.

It's a very pleasant walk and the weather was kind despite being cold and blustery on Higger Tor, for most of the morning it was almost spring-like.

All images were taken on a Ricoh GRD2 with GW-1 wide angle converter (21mm equivalent).  200asa in manual mode.

Park near the old station and enter Padley through the stile.

There are plenty of cascades in the gorge and it's worth exploring.

Cross Burbage Brook and continue up onto an ancient track that runs above the gorge.

Mother Cap is a well-known landmark and favourite venue amongst boulderers.

Over Owler Tor has expansive views over Mam Tor, the Great Ridge, Hope Valley, Kinder Scout, Alport Dale and beyond.  This is looking toward the next objective of Higger Tor.

Approaching Higger Tor.  It's a good place to stop for a brew, there is shelter amongst the rocks.

An approaching shower, looking back toward Burbage Brige.

This seems to be an old memorial, somewhat vandalised.  Maybe someone can shed some light on it's origins .

Looking across Burbage to the restored hill fort of Carl Wark and Higger Tor.  

Bullet holes scar many of the rocks, the area was used for training by the military during WW2.

Longshaw Lodge, once owned by the Dukes of Devonshire who used it as a base for grouse shooting.

The staircase that leads through the wood back down to Gindleford Station.  Mugs of tea and slices of carrot cake await at weekends!


Wow that walk title is a bit of a mouth full! ;-)

Nice shots as usual! :-)
Phreerunner said…
A very pleasing set of photos. Tuesday was definitely the best day last week.
Steve Walton said…
Hopefully it'll set folk up for the even bigger mouthsfull of carrot cake back at the station, Jamie! Thanks. :-)
Steve Walton said…
It was the best day, a lovely day to be out. :-)
Lee said…
Some lovely rich colours in these photos of an area I know well.
Martin Rye said…
Stunning photos Steve. You should do a how to guide on your blog sometime on getting results like that with a compact.
Steve Walton said…
Thanks, Martin. I do shoot and process RAW which is one of the reasons I think the Ricohs are great little cameras.

I will put a blog post together, as you suggest.
Anonymous said…
I second Martin's comment. Fab photos, how do you do it????
Steve Walton said…
Thanks. Well, there's no secret technique to what I do. For landscapes, I only shoot in manual mode.

I'll take up Martin's suggestion if it would be of any interest.