Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar Has Arrived At Last!

This is not intended as a review of the Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar by any means, for a detailed review visit Andy Howell's blog and download Colin Ibbotson's excellent write-up .

This is a comment on my first impressions of the Trailstar now that I've unpacked it, fitted the guy lines and trial-pitched it in the garden today.  The immediate impression is that of it's astonishingly large size when pitched.  The Trailstar has a huge footprint with acres of room inside along with the options of a low or high level pitch.

It has more usable room than my bigger and far heavier True North Little Tarp.  This is due to the pentagonal shape of the Trailstar as opposed to the rectangular shaped True North.  I know that my BPL Solo and True North tarps are going to be pretty much redundant from now on.  I can't see any reason why I might want to use anything other than the Trailstar for backpacking and overnighting in the hills, there is so much space for so little weight!

Overall, the quality of construction and materials is very good. There was a loose thread on one seam that had to be tied-off, otherwise the stitching is accurate and neat.  There is one important job to be done and that will be to seal the seams with the supplied tube of Silnet.  However, I'm very keen to use the Trailstar before then, so I'll be taking a chance with a Rab Survival Zone bivvy bag to keep things dry on my first trip.

The shot was taken  in manual mode on a Ricoh GRD2 with the GW-1 converter, which is another lightweight gem to complement the Trailstar!


Martin Rye said…
That is a neat garden. Trailstar is a star. Superb in the wind. Have fun with it.
Steve Walton said…
Thanks, Martin. The write-up on your blog is fairly conclusive about the Trailstar's rough weather capabilities. I intend to enjoy it!