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Sea Kayaking on Rutland Water

The hottest day of the year so far was forecast today and I didn't need much more persuasion than that to strap the North Shore Buccaneer to the roof bars and join a few fellow Rutland Canoe Club members for an idyllic paddle around our 3500 acre inland 'sea'.

Any reasonable sized body of water will change it's mood according to the weather, sometimes Rutland Water is gnarly, challenging and committing, other times it is soft and gentle and is the perfect antidote to those stresses that affect most of us in some way.

Today was wonderful with temperatures in the 20's, the paddle strokes were almost silent as the Buc cut across the surface along the length of the South Arm and back along the Hambleton peninsula shore, almost as far as the dam and then back to Whitwell creek.

Osprey and red kite overhead, is this really middle England in early April?