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An Ideal Buffalo Day

I had planned my traditional pre-Christmas walk around Kinder Scout for 23rd December, but the forecast was bad with warnings of severe weather.  I've spent too many days on Kinder in the past when the weather has been so bad that any real enjoyment gained by being there only comes later with the satisfaction of beating (surviving, even) the elements over a pint in the Nag's Head in front of a roaring fire.
The forecast for Christmas Eve was better, mainly dry but with strong winds.  The forecast was spot on.  It was mainly dry and the wind was steady all day.

Two new items of kit went with me for their maiden outing.  The first and most interesting was my new OMM Cypher smock which didn't get used at all, so I can't comment other than to say that it is a very close fit in comparison to my old Berghaus PackLite smock.  I'm 5'11" with a 46" chest and my XL size Cypher is a good fit for me across the shoulders.  The sleeves are a perfect length but the …

From Peak Forest: Dam Dale, Hay Dale, Peter Dale, Monk's Dale & Miller's Dale

Very nice circular walk from Peak Forest taking in 5 dales.  Dam, Hay & Peter Dales merge seamlessly into Monk's Dale to swing left at Miller's Dale in order to make the return to Peak Forest.

Parking is limited in Peak Forest, so arrive early.  It's a walk that is at it's best in early summer when the wild flowers are in full bloom.  It's an idyllic northern White Peak landscape!  So, coming into Monk's Dale out of a bitterly cold NE wind, there was a good snowfall in late afternoon the first this winter.  I was captivated by the atmosphere in the gorge.  It was quiet, no wind blowing down here. A wren and a robin close by and then a flock of long-tailed tits passed through with their musical calls and then all was quiet again.

These were moments for standing quietly and alone.  Moments that must be absorbed and carefully held in the memory.

I managed to make a couple of images and then my lens steamed up.  Even the micro climate is unique here!

Quiet in M…

Top 50 Backpacking Blogs!

I follow my website and blog traffic fairly regularly, I'm always interested to see where the hits come from and how they arrive at Hard Light: Steve Walton's Blog.  One entry caught my eye this morning, the visitor is in New York and had followed a link to Hard Light from the following very interesting website:

The Mission Statement is impressive and I wish the Owners, Editors and Contributors every success in their endeavours. I also thank them for the honour of being listed as one of the top 50 backpacking blogs, especially as Hard Light is listed in the company of some of the most interesting, widely-read and successful outdoor blogs, such as Andy Howell's, Hendrik Morkel's, Martin Rye's and  Stef's