From Peak Forest: Dam Dale, Hay Dale, Peter Dale, Monk's Dale & Miller's Dale

Very nice circular walk from Peak Forest taking in 5 dales.  Dam, Hay & Peter Dales merge seamlessly into Monk's Dale to swing left at Miller's Dale in order to make the return to Peak Forest.

Parking is limited in Peak Forest, so arrive early.  It's a walk that is at it's best in early summer when the wild flowers are in full bloom.  It's an idyllic northern White Peak landscape!  So, coming into Monk's Dale out of a bitterly cold NE wind, there was a good snowfall in late afternoon the first this winter.  I was captivated by the atmosphere in the gorge.  It was quiet, no wind blowing down here. A wren and a robin close by and then a flock of long-tailed tits passed through with their musical calls and then all was quiet again.

These were moments for standing quietly and alone.  Moments that must be absorbed and carefully held in the memory.

I managed to make a couple of images and then my lens steamed up.  Even the micro climate is unique here!

Quiet in Monk's dale.