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Venture Ranger 14 Open Canoe Outfitting

Back in October 2011, I blogged about what I intended to do with my new boat.

Now that Christmas is gone and today's weather forecast was dry and sunny all day, I decided to work on my Venture Ranger 14 outfitting in preparation for white water.  The job is fairly straightforward, the only frustration was in not being able to fit the new, and very nice, wooden seat hangers.  The seat hangers are sold as a kit with four 6" stainless steel bolts with washers and nylock nuts.  What should be a simple swap for the ready fitted alloy hangers is an impossible task.  The bolts are about 2" too short.  Taking the depth of the gunnel and seat frame into the equation, the ends of these bolts will not extend through the seat frame!  This is absolutely absurd, these kits are widely sold by UK canoe suppliers and a bit of searching on the right canoeing forums revealed that the problem is well-known.  What is worse is that the same bolts in a longer length (I need 8") are not av…