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Focus on Imaging 2012

I shall be meeting up with Andy Howell on Monday 5th March at the UK's largest photographic trade exhibition, Focus on Imaging, to make a second podcast about outdoor photography for The Outdoors 

 Most outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, especially bloggers, have an interest in photography.  It's how I started on the road to becoming a professional and I guess there will be a few outdoor bloggers at Focus.  If anyone sees Andy and myself fondling expensive photographic equipment, please stop by and say hello.  It'll be good to see you.

 Who knows, you might save us both a small fortune!

Black Hill

The lowest temperatures of this winter were forecast for Friday night, so a return to Black Hill was on for yesterday.  I've been planning this trip for a while to collect stock images.  From past experience, Black Hill can be a bit of a physical challenge as well as a good test of a walker's navigation skills when the weather is poor, and that has how it has always been for me on previous excursions here.

My theory was that the remaining snow from last weekend would be frozen hard enough to walk on, thus making the going easy by normal Black Hill standards.  I was wrong, of course!  Despite the arctic conditions the snow was not of the load-bearing type and every second footstep seemed to go crashing through the frozen crust anywhere up to mid-thigh, depending on what was covered.  This made for a good strenuous walk!

I arrived in Crowden carpark around 8am and the sky was clear, promising a clear, sunny day. By the time I turned to cross Sliddens Moss higher up the valley,…

The Roaches, Lud's Church and Hen Cloud

It's been too long since I last walked in this area and Martin Rye's recent post on his excellent Summit and Valley blog gave me enough inspiration to put an overdue return to rights.

This is an easy 8.5 mile circular walk starting from one of the lay-by's in front of Rockhall Cottage. The weather forecast for last Friday was for high pressure, clear skies, no wind and cold temperatures, and so it turned out to be.  Climbing up through the front garden of Rockhall Cottage and on to the upper tier,  The Roaches is a typical Peak District ridge walk.  The air was clear, the views were extensive and the sun shone all day.  If there was a downside, I missed the 5-6" of snow that fell on the following day but that would almost certainly have meant that my car would have been snowbound for up to 24hrs (that has happened to me before in the Peak District!).

Lud's Church was very Harry Potter-ish with curtains of icicles hanging from the walls of the silent ravine.  Being…