I like titanium pots, pans and stoves.  Light weight aside, I don't like titanium single wall mugs because I know from painful experience what happens when the urge to sip a hot mug of soup, tea or coffee exceeds the ability to wait until the contents are cool enough to sensibly do so.  The burn is painful and the resulting blister on the lower lip is instant and quickly pulls off to leave a raw patch that will last for several days.

Having spent some time canoe trekking in Scandinavia, I always wanted a traditional kuksa but never got round to buying one.  There is a cheaper alternative to beautiful but expensive traditional kuksas,  Kupilka in Finland are gaining a wider reputation for a slightly different take on the traditional carved burl by combining pine fibre with some kind of durable, hard thermoplastic to mold kuksa-shaped drinking vessels as well as plates, bowls and cutlery.

The Kupilka 21 is a traditionally-shaped 'little cup' that holds 210ml, which is just enough liquid for a decent brew.  It weighs around 85g according to the manufacturer, is dishwasher-proof and doesn't retain aftertastes. Ok, by any definition it's simply a plastic cup that has enough recycled compost mixed into it during manufacture to give it some visual camouflage.  However, it works as it should and it's a little bit of relatively inexpensive kit (compared to titanium) that just does it's job with hot drinks and leaves delicate lips intact.

I ordered my Kupilka 21 from Ronnie Sunshines .  Worth a mention because I'd never heard of Ronnie Sunshines until I did some Googling for Kupilka outlets in the UK.  I ordered online and the well packaged Kupilka was delivered within two days, with online tracking. Just a good, efficient service.

My new Kupilka 21. Ikea style minimalist recycled packaging and nothing inside was missing.  Swedes could learn something from Finnish quality control!

A little bit of camouflaged 'tradition'.  It's well made, the molding is good quality with no sharp edges or rough surfaces to encourage anything nasty.

Looks the part, from a distance, and does it's job.

Easy and secure to hold.  The handle is much better than the usual camping mug 'fingers through' type, which never seem to be the right shape or size.


Nielsen Brown said…
You will not regret the purchase, the kupilka are wonderful to drink from and worth the extra weight over a titanium mug. Great photos of the Kupilka as well.
Steve Walton said…
hanks, Nielson. I drinking my first coffee from the Kupilka as I type this. I have three different sized titanium mugs which probably won't be seeing a lot of use for a while!
Hendrik Morkel said…
Welcome to the Kupilka Appreciation Society™ =) Just don't hit it on a bench at -12°C to get residues out, that might chip out some wood/ plastic!
Steve said…
It seems you speak from experience, Hendrik! :)
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